Denis Gatotho


Hey, i see you found your way to my blog. This is a place where i'll be sharing my journey to becoming a web developer. I will share my good times and my bad while walking you through how i was able to overcome them.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

This week was more continuel learing of HTML/CSS/JS with an emphasize of JS.

The next challenging part of the first was comprehending the logic and datatypes that javascript use to reach its goal. In essense learning to think like a computer. We had three projects we had to accomplish. The image gallary, Digital clock, and Countdown Timer.

Throughout this program i've noticed that there comes a point when the assignments are giving you too much help. The image gallery was an example of this. It started with content already provided, but since my understanding of this content was limted i was under the impression that what i was trying to do had no yet been done, leading to me spending hours overthinking things that were already done and coded. This has happened before but now i had finally understood the correct process to take when met with this kind of assignment. Firstly lead through the instructions thoroughly and multiple times, then try and relate the provided information with what you already know and what you need to learn. Sadly i still had to resort to getting help in order to overcome this barrier but once through it was easy sailing.

The other two assignments were fairly similar to each other and mainly had to do with the logic side of JS and how JS talks to your HTML file to display the items that you want. It was rather fun and this was a project that i was ready to present.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Programming has a way of humbling a person. I came into this programming with some programming skills knowing that they could be utilized but with every step came an new obstacle that required me to find a new path to the answer.

The biggest AHA moment was finally understanding how the big three work together and reference each other when calling function, variable, or other objects that it needs. Once i've overcome learning how this works in full, i believe that my progress with the three programs will really start taking off.

The challenging item this time around was internalizing how css manipulate the boxes that the content is in. Margin, padding, and display were key items that i had trouble with and had to push through simply by utilizing chrome dev tools to see how they function and change the content.


  • HTML
  • CSS

This week i learned how to use HTML. This website was a great resource for me throughout my learning journey. A challenge i had was visualizing the code i was creating in visual studio code since mamp (an html and code viewer) could not be downloaded on linux i had to find an alternative. Through the gracious help of a classmate i was able to use an extension on VSC to see live the webpage that i was creating. I am incredibly exicted about this as it gives me the capability to experiment to my hearts content.


  • Command Line
  • Git
  • Github

The first week was excited, similar to the feeling you have right before you dive off a swimming pool diving board i was ready to commit head first. I had to install linux on my windows laptop to access the control line (terminal). Everything i tried would make my computer crash except for virtual box which is what i am using currently with linux version ubuntu 18.02 LTS.

The next challenging part of the first week was learning how to utilize terminal commands with respect to repsitory's and directories located on github. This blog helped me further my understanding of how i can utilize these new aspects of web development. I was able to upload files from my local computer onto github which i am really proud of. Well that's the first week. I hope to keep learning and involving this blog to show you my continious improvement